Siberian Crown / Siberian Character

client: AB InBev
creative: BBDO
illustrator: Ivan Belikov
design: Max Brandson

Series of illustrations for AB InBev Russia for a range of craft beer dedicating each taste to a legendary Siberian animal.
The heroes of the range are the masters of Siberia: Altay Peregrine / IPA, Amur Tiger / Rye Ale and Brown Taiga Bear / Milk Stout.

Altai Wind / IPA

"Altai Wind" is inspired by Altai Peregrine and the joy of flying.
Inhale “Altai Wind” aroma and awake the memories of fresh and crisp mountain air, filled with cedar and herbs flavor.

Amur Temper / Rye Ale

A beer with a winter-hardy rye and has special spicy bread flavor like Russian traditional beverage - kvass.
It has reddish color as the Amur predator. Beware, it growls a little when you open the bottle.

Taiga Brown / Milk Stout

Taiga Brown – dark as the colour of Taiga master.
Taste mild creamy and coffee flavors that arise due to the combination of six varieties of malt used to brew this stout.

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